Stanton Kawer

When I was approached with the idea of creating the Blue Chip Cookbook for this holiday season, I couldn't have been more pleased. For anyone who has walked the hallowed halls of Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide, one of the first things they might have noticed is the constant presence of food. The most decadent desserts. Hearty lunches. Fresh baked breakfasts. From holiday baskets to Thanksgiving brunches, the food has been sent to us from very thoughtful clients and business partners. The food has also been brought in from the kitchens of our very special Blue Chip employees. Not a day passes without our offices stuffed and resplendent from home cooked meals and treats.

And, after all, it makes sense. Blue Chip is a family. Families get together over food. Shared meals. Camaraderie. We come from different parts of the world. But within our four walls we are brother, sister, mother, and father. At Blue Chip I have tried Philippine delicacies and Italian favorites. Ethnic Jewish desserts and Middle-American comfort food. With each bite I have tasted tradition, pride, memories — and most of all, giving. In the most noble sense.

Understand, it is never expected for these wonderful Chippers to go the lengths that they do just to feed their fellow colleagues and friends. It is purely out of benevolence and love. This is never lost on me, as these are rare attributes in today's corporate world. But, they live large every day at Blue Chip. So let's share the bounty. Let's share the love. With all of our friends and families. I hope you enjoy this truly exceptional effort as we unite meals to memories. Happy Holidays!