Aunt Helen Sandwiches

Meghan Frost, Digital Designer

To put it simply, Aunt Helen was my girl. When others groaned at the mere mention of Monopoly, I could always count on Aunt Helen to rock the thimble in my Hasbro favorite. She played the harmonica better than Dave Matthews, kept her fridge fully stocked with Neapolitan ice cream, and made the strongest French onion dip this side of the Mississippi. Best of all, Aunt Helen had a heart bigger than her colossal clip-on earrings. She poured a lot of love into her signature Aunt Helen Sandwiches, and I think these carb and cheese-loaded beauties are better than building a hotel on Park Place. While you may call it a jazzed up hot ham and cheese, I call it a masterpiece.


  • Kaiser rolls
  • Honey ham (chipped)
  • American cheese
  • Swiss cheese
  • 2 tbsp mayo
  • 3 tsp mustard
  • 1 tsp creamy horseradish sauce
  • Pickle juice
  • Poppy seeds


  1. Mix mayo, mustard, and horseradish in a bowl, to taste. Add a splash of pickle juice (more than a splish, less than a pour) and enough poppy seeds to give it some visual interest. Taste test and doctor the mix to match your personal preference.
  2. Slice the Kaiser rolls twice (so there’s a top, middle, and bottom) and butter them. Spread sauce on the bottom of the roll. Layer ham, 1 slice of American cheese, and 1 slice of Swiss cheese.
  3. Add the middle section of the roll and throw on some more sauce (butter, too, if you’re feeling crazy). Repeat the layering sequence of ham, American cheese, and Swiss cheese, then top with a little more sauce and the top of the bun.
  4. Wrap each sandwich in foil and bake in a 350°F oven for 20–25 minutes, or until everything is crisp and melt-y and slide-y. Unwrap and enjoy!

Note: the melt-y and slide-y factor of the sandwiches make a stack of napkins extremely necessary.